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Amazon Alexa + Raspberry PI + Our first steps together

These were my requirements when I started this small project: I want to be able to have Alexa understand any kind of commands I may find appropriate for my projects. (I.e. beyond things like “Alexa turn on the lights” or “Alexa

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Photo Wall with Wood Frames

We saw in the past blogs how to display a nice Photo Wall using JavaFX and how cgi-bin scripts can randomly choose the photos to be displayed, with versions for Mac (any “regular” Linux probably, too) as well as for

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WallFX – Java Photo Wall for Raspberry PI

In the last 3 blogs (1, 2, 3) I explained how the first attempt to run a Photo Wall on a Raspberry Pi failed as there is no browser on Pi able to use the GPU and efficiently run the code

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cgi-bin scripts for the Photo Wall #2

After we discussed about how to scale the images for the Photo Wall on a desktop computer in the first part of this blog, we may imagine that keeping an additional computer running just to serve the photo wall it’s

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cgi-bin scripts for the Photo Wall #1

I mentioned in my previous blog that performance of HTML5 canvas on a Raspberry PI is not something to impress that much; not at all. And this was something I had in my mind from the beginning and my hope

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Photo Wall on Pi

There is a moment in which you start wondering: Why do I take thousands a pictures in every vacation with a “real” camera, and dozens of photos every week with the mobile phone ? Who will ever have the time

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Raspberry PI – Doing Automation

… Or how to eMail the PI to sprinkle your grass. Welcome to the 3rd and last part of this integrated project I started with the Raspberry Pi – Surveillance WebCam in the Cloud and continued with the Raspberry PI

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