Raspberry Pi – Surveillance WebCam in the Cloud – The Outcome

Last but not least, how does it looks like ?
I’ll again start with the recognition links:
The weatherproof webcam

And below it’s the jasm.eu version of it:
Jasm.eu WebCam
I used some black tape to cover the built in led of the camera, to make sure it does not trash the night pics with it’s own light.

And before closing the chapter for the “Surveillance WebCam in the Cloud” several thoughts about possible next steps:
– attach one infrared movement detector to the PI and mail to a predefined eMail address when movement is detected. Scanning n thousand pics / day is no fun :).
– find a cheaper alternative to dropbox. Maybe Amazon cloud, maybe some other hoster.
– move the PI closer to the camera (i.e. outside the house) and get rid of the current solution with the USB over LAN cable.
– as the PI froze a couple of times in the last weeks, reboot the PI every night, trying to prevent such freezes.

As always, questions and coments on Raspberry PI forum.

Note: You may want to also check: Raspberry Pi – Surveillance WebCam in the Cloud – Improvements for details on how did I improve the stability for my “Surveillance WebCam in the Cloud”.

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