Jasm MemoRecorder

We want to bring the 3rd dimension to all the camera photos you’ll take with your smartphone. And no, it’s not that 3rd dimension you see in movies; it’s LIFE !
Think for example about the photo of a loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great after years to exactly remember how you felt at the time you took that photo ! And this without taking a video none will ever have the time to completely see it any latter. Or maybe to share that photo and your feelings with other loved ones, at an instant ?
Think about your last winter vacation when you got a photo of yourself on that mountain peak and you wanted to be able to share to your Internet (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) friends not only it, but also how cold was up there, and yet how proud you felt you did it.
Or think about the last strategy meeting you had with your team colleagues where you all agreed on future plans based on a diagram you draw on an entire flip chart page. You wanted to be able to record some more explanations about the strategy depicted by the diagram and then easily send everything around to all the participants.
Well, this is what we call “photos’ 3rd dimension” and this is what we this application offers to you.
Jasm MemoRecorder provides the following features:
– You may take a photo
– You may record audio as an appendix to the photo
– You may define a name for each photo / audio group
– You may zip and send the group via eMail.
– You may tweet the photo.
– You may upload the photo to your Facebook account.

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